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There is an Election Coming

in November, and Leo definitely thinks he is running! I told Leo’s owner that I refer to him as our politician because he certainly acts like one. He has things to do, people to see, babies to kiss and all of that good stuff. Leo is a very handsome Dutch Warmblood gelding who is enjoying retirement with us. He took great care of his amateur mommy in the hunter ring on the “A” circuit until repeat suspensory injuries lead him to retirement.

When I see this picture I feel like Leo is telling me to cue the music for “I’m Too Sexy”

Leo is a really handsome horse just standing out in the field, and he has three beautiful gaits as well. I’m sure he had a fabulous jump to match his lovely movement. It seems that it is always the really good ones who have both the temperament and the talent that have the unfortunate injuries and the rogues seem to keep going forever.

Leo grazing with Homer

Leo with his head buried in the grass

At first Leo fell madly in love with Poco the shetland pony and Sparky the donkey. He was never more than a few feet away from them and they made a really cute triumvirate.

Poco, Leo and Sparky

Apparently he was really using this time to get the lay of the land like any good politician, and after awhile he began branching out and spreading a little bit of Leo time around for all of the horses in his field. This is still the case today. I never see him spend time with any one of his roommates in particular, he just consistently makes the rounds to all of the horses in his field. He loves to engage in mutual grooming with other horses, and I have a collection of pictures and videos that feature Leo enjoying a “groomfest” with several of his roomies.

Leo and Homer grooming each other Leo and Apollo grooming each other Leo and Faune grooming each other

Apparently Leo learned through his political informants that I was going to write about him this week, so he offered me this series of pictures a few days ago.

I need to get my makeup on

Going for the Gold

Just the look I was hoping for – thanks Leo!

Apparently one side wasn’t good enough

Making sure he gets every inch ground into the dirt

A job well done

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Leo!

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