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Three Years of Timbit

Thanks to the Facebook memories app I was reminded that it was three years ago today that Timbit came into our lives. Timbit is a legend in his own mind, and his oversized ego certainly makes life interesting. What has Timbit’s life looked like for the last three years?

In 2013 Timbit got to fly on Santa’s sleigh so he could be Carter’s Christmas present. Santa had to drop Timbit off a few days early since he took up too much room in the sleigh, and we hid him from Carter for a few days. This was their initial meeting on Christmas day 2013.


Since his fateful flight on Santa’s sleigh, Timbit has been occupied terrorizing making life more interesting on our farm. I hear you asking how, exactly, does Timbit spend his days? He does lots of things, with the vast majority of his activities being things we wish he wouldn’t do.

Timbit loves to introduce himself to new residents. He is immune to the shock from electric fencing (12,000 volts is nothing to him), and he pushes boards out of wood fencing. Here he is introducing himself to Rubrico:

And here he is making introductions with Cisco. My favorite part of this video comes just past the minute mark where Timbit says, “anything you can do I can do better.”

Timbit’s favorite activity is, hands down, making Jason unhappy. At this point Timbit is a trained professional when it comes to making Jason unhappy. Jason is not smiling in this picture . . .  


. . . nor in this picture. Timbit is also an expert at removing blankets. Jason is not smiling in this picture because Timbit had already removed and buried his first blanket so I bought him another one. He removed and buried this blanket as well. It remained hidden for two years until Kate found it a couple of months ago. We’ve never found the other blanket.


Timbit’s goal in life is to grab all of the feebags, whether they be off a horse . . . 


. . . or on a horse. Poor Sabrina.


Playing with Sparky is a favorite pastime of Timbit


Timbit is horrible about being vaccinated. He rears, kicks, spins and strikes. I clicker trained him this past spring and we had a much easier time vaccinating the little  him.


Whether it be a board fence or an electric fence, Timbit creates a way out. Timbit looking out from his self created hole.


The electric fence had 12,000 volts on it. Jason even tested it to confirm after I took this picture. Timbit knows no boundaries.


Timbit is an expert at photobombing pictures. We had no plans for Timbit to be in our family photos but here he is. Note Jason’s smile is nothing more than a straight line.  


Timbit came through the fence and inserted himself into this picture


Timbit’s one and only redeeming quality is that his presence makes one little blond haired boy very happy.


All of the fence escaping, photo bombing, vaccine avoiding, donkey playing and child pleasing activities make Timbit very tired. Timbit sleeps hard and often. Timbit has packed a lot of action into his first three years at Paradigm Farms.


At this point Carter is almost too big for Timbit. Since Carter is quite attached to him and Jason and I have never made any secret about what life with Timbit is like, I assume we’re stuck with him for the long haul. I don’t think anyone else would voluntarily sign up for life with Timbit at this point.  Yay for us.


Norman, Traveller and Lily


Donneur and Cocomo


Lofty and Lotus


King, Trigger and Moe


Revy was determined to help Grand out of his Rambo; Grand was happy for the help . . .


. . . “I won’t give up Grand, I’ll lift my head higher and keep pulling” . . . 


. . . “oops, I lost my grip, I’ll try again Grand” . . .


. . . despite Revy’s best efforts and Grand’s acceptance of the help, no Rambos were harmed or removed during the taking of these pictures


Thomas and Ewen playing with the same stick . . . 


. . . Thomas says, “hey, that’s my stick!”


Happy, Taco and Sam


Baby and Homer


Lighty and Paramount

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