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Tractors, Travels and Travails !

In between horse chores, I spent virtually all my free time on this weekend and I spotted a Kubota very similar to the one we have now for a good figure in Martinsville, Indiana. If it checks out in the phone conversation I’m going to have with the dealer tomorrow, I may be headed up there to look at it later this week. (Melissa in blue with the photo captions) I’ve never seen Jason feel the need to roll both of the big toolboxes out of the workshop (in addition to the umpteen thousand smaller toolboxes that were scattered around). This didn’t give me a great feeling about Jason’s planned project.

Then I see that Jason has the canopy of the tractor all rigged out with ropes and chains. I REALLY didn’t get a good feeling from this. I asked him where he was headed with this. He told me that he had to remove the canopy (along with the rest of the tractor apparently) to get to the fuel tank. So he rigged it out with heavy duty chains and ropes and the plan was to lift it off using the front loader on the other tractor. Here he stands staring at the tractor wondering if this is a good idea. I’m looking at this scene going “listen to your inner voice Jason. The odds favor this not going go well. Why can’t we just take the tractor to the mechanic like normal people?” Note he is drenched in sweat and covered in tractor dirt, oil and diesel fuel.

Much to Jason’s disappointment there are no pictures of the actual lifting and removing of the canopy using the Ford tractor. I couldn’t watch. I am content to know that somehow it all worked out in the end, but I really don’t care to know exactly how it worked out. I’m thinking that putting it back on is something I really, REALLY don’t want to see.

Homer and Lightening chatting over the fence

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