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Who left the door open?

Excuse me, Canada, but someone left the door open and I would really appreciate it if you would shut it!! I am not trying to offend any of our Canadian friends, I love Canada. My husband is from Canada, my dog is from Canada, one of my horses is from Canada, I think Canada is great except for your winter weather! So please reclaim your arctic air mass, preferably ASAP. Jason told me today that we might set a new record for the most number of days in a row we have ever had under freezing. I think if our forecast holds true we will end up having either 8 or 9 straight days where the high did not go above freezing. We keep coming close, today we hit 30 degrees and we were close yesterday and should be tomorrow as well, but this is crazy. I live in the south, we are NOT supposed to have to deal with this!

Thank goodness I bought my insulated paddock boots. I was complaining to my mom tonight about how badly the skin is cracking on my hands. I am putting lotion on several times per day but it seems to be to no avail. She suggested I slather lotion on my hands and sleep with cotton gloves on and see if that helps. I might break down and try it.

The horses seem happy enough, they have their blankets on and all seems well. I must say the World’s Cutest Fainting goats seem to be really liking this weather, they are constantly playing and very active. In case you haven’t guessed already from this post and my other posts whining about cold weather I don’t like it at all. I keep telling myself to just get through the week and then all will be well again.

Our crowning glory to this weather is we are supposed to get snow Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day, our first snow of the winter. They are saying we might get 4″, possibly 6″. I am guessing you can’t buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk anywhere in the county at this point! I would also hazard a guess that Blockbuster’s shelves are pretty empty as every one prepares to stay home for a few days. We have minimal ability to deal with snow here, and usually it melts within a day or so anyway. But this might stay on the ground for a few days so everyone is in a panic. The schools will close and most people will not go to work. I usually get some great snow pictures though as the horses love to play in it.

For those that have seen our driveway, well, you can imagine trying to drive down it when it is covered in snow! I guess I will park my car at the bottom of the driveway and hope I don’t need to go anywhere until the snow melts. A few times I have been brave (or dumb?) enough to put the Tahoe in 4WD and just head down. I’ve always lived to tell the tale but one time I wasn’t sure if I was going to or not! I was supposed to get a feed delivery on Friday but if we do get snow the delivery truck will have zero chance of negotiating our driveway, so I went to the feedstore and bought 30 bags of feed today to tide me over until I can schedule a delivery.

I am off to make up my farrier list for tomorrow. At least it is supposed to be a sunny day!

I took the next few pictures one frosty December morning. It rained the day before and then dipped below freezing over night giving us lots of frost. This is Lily with her head buried in the hay.

Cuff Links, Harmony, MyLight, Missy and Lily

Snappy, Clay, Chili and Teddy

Clay, Lightening and Slinky

Lily; her winter coat is so thick and fuzzy she is like a stuffed animal. I think it is cute.

MyLight, Missy and Harmony

Sky and the ‘sub rooster’ hanging out

Baby trotting along with Thomas following behind him

Homer and Apollo



The Don and the sub rooster


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