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Winter Returns

Last week was glorious. We had several days in a row where it didn’t rain(!), it was sunny, and the temperatures were very pleasant in the mid 60s to low 70s (17C-22C). Then Mother Nature decided to puke on us over the weekend. After a nice day on Saturday heavy rain moved in overnight, followed by a dramatic drop in temperature. All of the blankets went on Saturday afternoon so the horse would not be wet while the temperature made its dramatic downward swing.

The last three days have at least been sunny, but the highs have only been in the upper 30s, and today was “warm” with a high of 41. Today was made extra special by having a farrier here for a few hours in the morning and the dentist here for a few hours this afternoon. Jason bought me some insulated overalls a couple of months ago that are rated for -20. I’ve worn them the last three days in a row along with long underwear, wool socks and a heavy coat. They work because the only part of me that has been cold is my face. I have to give credit to you Canadians, you do know how to dress for the cold!

I’m happy that tomorrow will bring much warmer temperatures. I’m less happy that another couple of inches of rain is in our forecast for the weekend. I think we’re at 24 inches of rain and counting on the farm since January 1st. I don’t want the rain to go away, I just want it to go back to normal. I like the meme I saw a couple of weeks ago that said, “Whoever prayed for rain, please pray for my bank account.”

Taylor, Duesy, Alfie and Remmy

Merlin and Fabrizzio

L-R Alfie, Art, Remmy, Baner and new resident Cody…

. . . a closer look at Remmy, Baner and Cody…

. . . a closer look at Alfie, Art and Remmy

Johnny and Sebastian were trying to decide who was more tired. In this moment it was Sebastian . . . 

. . . then it was Johnny . . . 

. . . then Johnny and Sebastian decided they were both exhausted


Lotus and Flyer

Flyer and Moses

Convey and King

Revy and Rip

Homer, Baby and Trigger

Grand and Ricardo


Dolly and Calimba

Lily, Maisie and Traveller


Maggie and Dawn

Charlotte, Missy and Dolly

Blu and Digby

B-Rad and Sebastian

Magic and Roho playing

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