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You Want Them Painted What Color???

When I first decided to start blogging I worried that I would run out of things to write about. Much about our daily life here is pretty routine and how many pictures of grazing horses can you possibly ask people to look at? However I seem to keep coming up with new things to complain, err – I mean blog, about on a regular basis.

My dad has this thing about everything on the farm matching. I’m not suggesting that is a bad thing, in fact I agree with him. But it is easy to suggest all these things when you aren’t the one doing the work! My mom, bless her, would never suggest something so insane as painting a bunch of run-in sheds . . . . . WHITE! Could you possibly pick a more impractical color for sheds in the middle of horse fields that get used as scratching posts on a regular basis?? However all the houses, barns and structures on the farm are all white with a red roof. So my dad has been on this kick about getting the sheds painted.

Jason likes to spend as much time messing around with the ladders as he does painting

It is a long way up to the top

Every time he would bring it up I would just do the smile and nod thing and then carry on with my day. But he got to the point where he wasn’t letting it go. I complained to Jason at great length about this, and he in turn did the old smile and nod routine right back at me! I’m not suggesting my dad has bad taste, in fact the farm is gorgeous and his vision for the property is mostly why. But I have so many other things that I could spend time and money on then painting a bunch of sheds – especially painting them white!

Fully primed and partially painted

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