Tomorrow is our first chance at winter precipitation this season. It isn’t a sure thing that we will get any winter precipitation, only a possibility. However, like boy scouts who live by the motto “be prepared,” any self-respecting southerner rushed to the grocery stores en masse today. I am confident there are not any eggs, milk or bread available to purchase anywhere in middle Tennessee. Jason and I failed to do the rush to the grocery store. Thus, if our potential 2 inches of snow happens in the morning I guess we are doomed until it melts tomorrow afternoon. I hope we survive.
Oscar got the memo about our impending doom and he is definitely prepared. He came to our back door at lunchtime and again this evening for a total of four cans of food. I can only assume that Oscar feels he cannot possibly walk to our house from the barn in two inches of snow so he made his mad rush to the grocery store/our house today and he loaded up on food.
Even though I pride myself on not anthropomorphizing with the horses they are also prepared for our winter weather. We have all of the horses blanketed with two exceptions, paint Johnny and Timbit. Johnny and Timbit don’t do blankets willingly. Johnny tries to bite you the entire time you are putting the blanket on, then immediately proceeds to tear a gigantic hole in the blanket. 
Timbit takes his anti-blanket routine even farther than Johnny. I gave up on blanketing Timbit after he not only removed two different blankets, but apparently he also hid them so he would never have to wear them again. I’ve never been able to find them. One has been MIA for two years, the other for one year. One would think that over a period of two years I could find a missing blanket in a pasture, especially since one of the missing blankets is purple. Apparently Timbit dug a hole and buried his blankets.   
Whatever happens, whether that is nothing or we get two inches of snow that will melt by tomorrow afternoon, Oscar and the horses are prepared. The schools are already closed even though it might not actually snow.  We haven’t had measurable snowfall for the last two winters, so I wouldn’t be opposed to it happening. Given my famous aversion to cold weather and winter in general I realize that is a stunning statement. But it’s been two years since we’ve had measureable snow so I say let it snow.
Griselle, Sparky and Timbit
River and Oskar
Donneur and Flyer
Walden leading the way followed by Merlin, Duesy and Baner
Baby and Tony
Cinnamon, Cuffie and Norman way off in the background
B-Rad, Murphy and Taco
Dolly, Lily, Maisie, Calimba and MyLight