For the second time this winter we had snow on the ground. We haven’t had measurable snow for the last three winters so twice in the same winter is very exciting for us southerners. Unfortunately Carter has yet to build his snow man as neither snow yielded enough for him to scrape together three big balls of snow. Today’s snow actually came overnight, but it had completely melted by noon. Thus, not only was there not enough snow for a snowman, it melted in less time than it took to accumulate on the ground. Regardless, the snow was pretty for a few short hours this morning.

the early morning view was prettyimg_5184

Chance and Convey were unimpressed with the moonlit morning snow and just wanted to be fedimg_5183

another very early morning viewimg_5182

MyLight and Lilyimg_5186


Norman and Travellerimg_5188


another pretty morning view; that’s Ewen trotting along the drivewayimg_5192

my favorite tree at 7amimg_5194-1280x960

my favorite tree at 9am29-1280x720

my favorite tree by noonimg_8920

Digby and Blu being silly while waiting for breakfastimg_5199


Hesse and Remmy watching me while the sun was risingimg_5196


Cocomo and Gusimg_5213


Digby, Paramount and Nemoimg_5223

Merlin, Duesy and Fabrizzioimg_8889

Oskar and Rubricoimg_8905

Walden and Havana (and Hesse)img_8887-1280x960

Donovan and Ripleyimg_8900