Today was one of those days that was almost perfect. Nothing special happened, or even anything out of the ordinary. Well, I guess it was out of the ordinary given our recent history. It rained for several hours today. Sometimes the rain was very soft and sometimes it was quite steady, but the main point is the rain happened. I’ve mentioned it enough that everyone knows we have been in a drought this spring and summer. The National Weather Service has labeled our drought as extreme. Thus, it was nice that we not only got about 3/4 of an inch of rain today, it was the type of soft and steady rain that all worked its way into the ground. 
The rain brought the added bonus of having the temperature in the low 70’s for the majority of the day.  Since we spent a few hours with the dentist floating teeth this afternoon we couldn’t have ordered better weather. 
Rubrico and Donovan
Mick and Lighty
Renatta, MyLight, Dawn grazing, Cinnamon rolling
Convey and Trigger having some pre-breakfast playtime

bath time for Ripley

bath time for Wilson

Rocky liked laying in the water

Toledo tolerated his bath
Remmy and Merlin
Maisie, Cuffie and Calimba

Dawn and Cinnamon