Last year we experienced a record breaking drought here in the southeast. I hope to never have that experience again, especially since it was our third year in a row of drought. The two previous years had been manageable, we were drier than normal but hay production was decent and it wasn’t awful. 2007 was a nightmare from a farming perspective. We watched hay prices more than triple thanks to the drought and other factors.

This year our rainfall had been normal, in fact even slightly above normal in my local area, and all was right in our world again as far as rainfall. Sometime in mid or late July we had a couple of weeks where it didn’t rain. No one thought too much about it as dry spells in the summer here are normal. After a couple of weeks we were starting to get antsy, and by mid-August we were all having flashbacks and nightmares about last year.

We ended up catching two days of a good, steady rain from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay which was just what the doctor ordered after a few weeks of no rain at all, and the rainfall has continued to be ok since then. We all hope it stays that way, especially the horses. They need to be able to get their mudbaths in!

Of course the gray horse has to be the dirtiest of them all!