In my last post I told you that Ewen has been wearing the cone of shame for the past week. He was also on restricted activity which meant he found himself tied up on a rope much of the time, or being handwalked by me or Jason on a leash. When we would walk near the pastures with Ewen wearing the cone, the horses responded with looks of both curiosity and terror. They simply don’t know what to think of the moving, leaping lampshade.
As of yesterday Ewen was finally allowed to run a little bit so he has had some time off his rope or leash each day. It is much easier to take pictures of the horses’ reactions to seeing Ewen when both hands aren’t holding a leash trying to contain a pulling, leaping 55 pound bundle of pent up energy. 
As Ewen has made his rounds around the farm his reign of terror has continued. The horses simply do not know what to make of this thing that looks like a character from a Greek mythology book, this combination of things that aren’t supposed to go together. Ewen is oblivious to the fact that he is running around the farm terrorizing horses and being watched, stared at and discussed by them. Thankfully today was the last day in the cone, so the reign of terror ended as of this evening. 
Ewen, completely oblivious to his reign of terror
Murphy and Taco
Bonnie and Griselle
Taco and Nemo
Nemo and Blu (and Lighty on the far left, I accidentally cut him off when taking the picture)
Duesy, Merlin and Fabrizzio
Fabrizzio and Walden (Slinky and Lightning hiding behind them)
Duesy and Merlin
Silver and Lofty
Lightning and Slinky
Mick went straight to “OMG – run!!”
B-Rad and Alex
Finally, after every horse on the farm stared in horror at Ewen for a week, Alex said “enough” and got brave enough to investigate. B-Rad followed from a safe distance