This week is vaccination week. I’m sure the horses will be thrilled to learn that they all get to see the vet this week. As part of preparing for vaccinations I collect everyone’s coggins in a file for the vet. Instead of spending all day re-drawing all of the marking on a new coggins for each horse I just hand the file with the old coggins to the vet so they can copy the information from them at the office.

As I was sorting through the file of coggins making sure I was not missing any I reached the back of my folder. In there were the old coggins reports for residents that are no longer with us. It is an inevitable part of the retirement farm that eventually the residents pass away. Sometimes it is a planned euthanasia, sometimes it is not. Sometimes they leave us way too young, other times they have a very long life. No matter how it happens it is sad. Painful.

I looked at the names of the horses we have loved and lost through the years of boarding retired horses. My own mare

Clayton and Stormy

George and Fonzi grooming each other

Maisie and Silver getting acquainted over the fence

Silver and Gus grooming each other

Silky, Maisie and MyLight waiting for breakfast

Fonzi, George, Asterik, Faune Winston, Chimano, Romeo, Gus

Murphy and Boo grooming each other

Romeo, Winston and Faune

Noble, O’Reilly and Spike