The horses here lead a really charmed life. As I was uploading the pictures and video for this post I realized that today’s collection of visuals was an especially good example of how the horses pass the time. As you can see it is a really stressful life. They run around, they play with sticks, they groom, they graze, the socialize over the fence. I say sign me up, I’ll live here!One of the guests at the wedding was asking me about my horses and what I did with them. I told her they probably thought they were retired as well as I’ve had no time to ride in the last few weeks. She asked me if I thought they missed being in work and if they would feel neglected. I told her they definitely didn’t miss being in work, and in fact I would challenge you to find any horse on this farm that missed being in work or felt neglected because they no longer had a job. Yep, while they’re out in the pasture running around with their friends, grooming each other, quietly hanging out, napping, playing with sticks, grazing and just generally going about their day this is definitely not their thought process:”Today has been another good day so far. I’ve already run around the field, groomed with my friend and taken a nap. I’m currently grazing my head off. Later I might find a stick to go play with. Now the only thing missing is that crappy owner of mine. Where is she? Why isn’t she coming out here to bring me in the barn, put the saddle on and make me work? Darn it I’ve yet to trot any 20 meter circles today in the sandbox, work on my lateral work, practice any downward transitions or jumped through a gymnastic. If I don’t do some trot sets soon my saddle is going to start making my butt look fat. Did I mention I have a crappy owner who can’t even be bothered to make me work in the sandbox on a regular basis? I haven’t even carted her around on a trail ride in a few weeks. I want an upgrade in owners NOW!”As much as I would like to think my horses are pining away for work I can look around me and see that they aren’t. None of them are. Maybe if they were stalled a lot, went out in small paddocks, didn’t have compatible groups to socialize with, didn’t have good grazing, etc. they would be unhappy without a job. Enjoy the pictures and the videos and the glimpse into the life of a retired horse. Like I said, sign me up!
Romeo, Faune, Winston, Asterik, Gus and Chimano
Romeo and Asterik playing with sticks. At first they look like they are smoking cigars!
Lexi and Norman grooming each other. Sorry for all the shaking, horses kept bumping me looking for treats!
Before they groomed each other Lexi and Norman had some play time.

Dutch using Wiz as a headrest while everyone took their after meal nap
Alex and Spike talking over the fence
Lucky and Teddy grazing

Lightening, Romeo and Asterik hanging out over the fence

Slinky was sleepy

Lily, B-Rad and Alex chatting over the fence

Asterik, Winston and Faune

MyLight and Missy with Cuffie in the background

B-Rad and Ogie looking really stressed

Boo says “why am I stuck hanging out with this guy?”