This week has brought round three of body clipping. I will admit to being past ready to be done with body clipping for the year. With any luck I might get my wish. In round one of body clipping we did 16 horses. Actually round one was 15 horses plus one donkey. Round two consisted of body clipping seven of the original group again. The third and hopefully final round brought five more body clips. Four of the participants were being clipped for the third time, and Cuffie was being clipped for the second time. 
For anyone who does not feel like counting that is 28 body clips in total. Hence why I am hoping I can put the clippers away for a long nap. Actually the clippers and my zillion sets of blades will get sent off to Gil’s Sharp Shop in Pennsylvania to get serviced and sharpened, and then they will have a long nap. 
Gus in progress

Gus – the finished product

Cuffie having his pre-clip bath

Cuffie was perfect as always

Lightning had a lot of hair, it was time for clip number 3
Lily drying off after her pre-clip bath

Maisie drying off after her pre-clip bath

Maisie in progress
MyLight and Dolly

Murphy, Happy and Sam

Blu and B-Rad

Apollo and Hemi

Moe and Homer
Gibson and Flyer (George and Donneur in the background)
Merlin and Fabrizzio
 some visitors in the pasture
pretty sunrise