A couple of days ago we finished up our second wave of body clipping. We started round two a few weeks ago so we will probably only get a break of 2 or 3 weeks before it is time for round three. Occasionally we have a horse that needs a 4th clip but that’s pretty rare. In round one we did 21 body clips, and in round two we did 11 body clips. 32 body clips and counting for the season adds up to a lot of hair!

Sebastian clearly had things he wanted to do other than have a bathimg_4937-800x600

a very clean Sebastian pre-clipimg_4945-800x600

Sebastian in progress

Sebastian was anxious to return to his pasture after his clipimg_4956-800x600

fuzzy Normanimg_4434-800x600

Norman freshly clipped and ready to return to charming his maresimg_4440-800x600

Cuffie after his clip; clearly we starved him while clipping him as he simply could not lift his head up from the grassimg_4441-800x600

Gus being clippedimg_4687-800x600

Gus after his clipimg_4688-800x600

Bruno keeping an eye on my while I clipped himimg_4743-800x600

Bruno after his clipimg_4747-800x600

Cino in progressimg_4950-800x600

Cino’s very dignified post-clip poseimg_4953-800x600

after being out of his pasture for a couple of hours Cino and friends had to immediately sniff noses and squeal a few times to make sure they still knew each otherimg_4961-800x600

Remmy and Merlin being sillyimg_1136-800x600

Lotus, Romeo and Cocomo doing some early morning grazingimg_3904-800x600

Homer rolling, Cisco grazingimg_3944-800x600


Baby, Thomas and Ciscoimg_4574-800x600

Johnny and Happyimg_4620-800x600

Gus and Asterikimg_4776-800x630

Taylor and Havanaimg_4805-800x600

Lighty and Nemoimg_4858-800x600

Hesse and Banerimg_4867-800x600

Donneur, Lofty and Gibsonimg_4894-800x600


Mick and Tacoimg_4943-800x600

Gus and Rohoimg_4967-800x600

Rocky and Toledoimg_4971-800x600