Apparently we struck a funny bone with several people with our

For everyone who got such a laugh at the mental image of the runners, and of Jason and I chasing the runners, I thought I would give you one more laugh on the topic!
We’ve moved into “hanging out in the woods” season. If you can’t find the horses your best bet is to go hike through the woods. Wiz leading the way out followed by Fuzzy, Chili, Dutch and Murphy.

Watching them emerge is like watching clowns emerge from a clown car, they just keep coming. Chili, Dutch, Murphy, Renny, Alex, Darby and B-Rad

Darby, Alex, Lighty and B-Rad were the last ones out

Winston and Romeo

Silver, Winston, Romeo, Gus and Asterik

Clayton and Largo

Toledo and Kennedy

Johnny and Rocky