(post by Jason) I have mentioned in previous posts that I am something of an amateur phenologist but there are other ways that we know warm weather is coming and chief among these is the onset of shedding season. Some of the horses in our care never really do develop full winter coats while others who will remain unnamed look like woolly mammoths. When I reach up to put a feed bag on and come away not being able to tell what colour my jacket is because it’s so covered in horse hair it is a real good bet that shedding season has begun.
In February we use a brush but we mostly don’t use shedding blades to overtly encourage shedding since we can still get some scattered days of cold weather. As this Canadian can attest even an old winter coat is better than no winter coat. As soon as March rolls around we won’t go anywhere on the farm without a shedding blade in our hands or at the very least in our pockets.
For those of us that are allergic to horse dander (me) the use of shedding blades is accompanied by the use of industrial strength N95 particulate and dust masks, and at it’s worst by the use of a respirator. This is good because I like to hone my Darth Vader look and breathing sounds on the off chance that George Lucas will decide to cast me in the next Star Wars movie. In case any of the Star Wars cast is reading this blog, I highly encourage you to come visit in the spring and please bring a contract with you.

Grand enjoying a nice roll



Norman and Cuffie