Apparently Mother Nature got the memo that the spring time change was upon us and it was time to feel like spring. Over the past week we’ve been watching parts of the farm green up almost overnight. I would love to think we’re done with any weather even remotely resembling winter but I know we’ll still have a few days here and there that aren’t perfect. 
The last few days have been perfect. Warm and sunny with occasional rain is the perfect recipe for ushering in spring. The daffodils have almost gone by and the tulips are very close to blooming. We’re starting to see some green in some of the trees and Jason mowed the lawn around our house on Saturday. Spring is a long season here so the process of greening up and the trees leafing out will continue for several weeks. 
The horses are still actively eating hay although their hay consumption has tapered off significantly in the last couple of weeks. As he does every spring, Jason has begun making compost piles in each pasture composed of the wasted hay and manure that collects around the hay feeders. As long as we get plenty of rain through the summer our compost piles will be fully composted and ready to spread in a few months. 
Jason making one of his compost piles
Duesy showing off
Walden, Remmy, Hesse and Baner
Nemo and Blu
Tony and Cisco
Trigger, Convey and Chance
Roho and Walon
Johnny and Donovan
Calimba and Cinnamon
Maisie and Lily
Oskar and River