(post written by Jason)  Melissa mentioned in a previous blog that we know it’s spring time when our workload moves from normal busy…..to warp speed busy. We crossed that threshold a couple weeks ago and there is no let up in sight at this writing. Frankly the weather has been so pretty that you’ll hear no complaints from either of us on this topic. We are in the middle of spring time; by far my favourite season of the year. 

Of course the horses and their chores always come first on this farm. Since both ends of our day  are bookended by chores we have only a banker’s hours in between in order to accomplish all the tasks that aren’t directly related to horse care. And that’s the case only when everything is right with the horses. Since most of our horses are “special needs” on some level we often have vet appointments or other important horse care items that further cut into the time we have available to accomplish other tasks. Yesterday we spent several hours with our dentist again and a bunch more horses had their teeth floated.

This time of year if it’s light and it’s not raining it’s a fair assumption that we’re outside working. In fact, in the morning it’s fair to say that if there’s light in the sky we are outside working. Much of our time is taken up on seasonal tasks that rely on perfect weather and soil conditions to accomplish. Since there aren’t very many days that present us with perfect conditions things tends to get busy quickly when one arrives. Overseeding pastures, weed control, fertilizer applications and moving and applying manure all fall into tasks that  require perfect weather and soil conditions to accomplish properly.  At this writing we are well started on all the necessary fair weather tasks and a few more good days should finish several of them up in a timely manner. 

I hope you’re enjoying some spring like weather and spring time activities where you live right now. If you’re not, I hope you get to enjoy some good times soon! 

Cinnamon, Calimba and Traveller doing some early morning hay eating
Gibson and Faune
Lofty and Donneur
MyLight and Silky grooming
Levendi having his teeth floated
Largo’s turn

Oskar, Rocky, River, Rubrico, Toledo and Kennedy
Elfin, Ritchie and Grand
Leo, Trigger, Thomas and Moe
Walon and Rubrico

Miss Lyle and Mina having a hard day
Jo and Mina showing me their “airplane ears”