Jason and I have unwittingly been having a contest to see who can be the grouchiest and the most sick. Jason is winning by a landslide in the grouchy competition. He has also pulled ahead in the sick category as well. So of course that meant we had a horse that needed to go to the vet clinic yesterday. The horse in question hadn’t been on a trailer in almost five years. Unfortunately Jason and I both had violent coughing fits right as the horse was thinking “hey, maybe walking on this trailer isn’t so bad after all.” Thankfully the horse walked on nicely once Jason and I managed to stop making extraneous noises for a few minutes. 
We’re slogging through life right now and we’ve both been fine tuning our abilities to feel sorry for ourselves. We’re pretty much pros at that now. Carter has thankfully managed to remain healthy. I will never forget the time when we all three had the stomach flu at the same time a couple of winters ago. I will especially never forget that we had to blanket all of the horses in the middle of that. Jason and I alternated hanging on to the fence and throwing up and then chasing down a horse or two and putting their blanket on. I also remember that it was windy, cold and raining. Truly, it was a fabulous day on the farm. Compared to that it makes our current situation look tons better. We aren’t throwing up, we aren’t putting on blankets, the weather has been glorious (80F/26C the last couple of days) with a light breeze. I feel better with every sentence I type!
Anyway, I’m slowly inching my way towards feeling better. Jason still hasn’t discovered just how horrible he is going to feel before he starts feeling better. I would recommend not getting whatever it is we have.
Stormy, Walon and Rocky
Baby and Homer
this turkey was showing off
Traveller and Maisie
Cinnamon and Lily
Calimba and MyLight (Silky in the background)
some of the trees are thinking about leafing out; a few of the maples already have
Johnny and Clayton
pretty sunset
Trigger and Tony
Hemi and Apollo
Africa and Johnny