I will admit that I tend to have some crazy dreams sometimes. Often I can’t really remember exactly what I was dreaming about, just bits and pieces. One of my latest odd dreams was horse related. I was dating Prince William, and this part of the dream was odd in itself. I’m not a royal watcher. My sister on the other hand got up at some ungodly hour to watch William and Kate get married. However in this dream Wills and I were dating.
This is where things get fuzzy. We were on one of their estates, one where the royal family kept a bunch of polo ponies. I had Lily there to be my polo pony (as an aside I’ve never played polo in my life). Although I like Lily she is not my horse so I have no idea why she was my horse in England in this dream! Also, Lily was a fantastic children’s/adult jumper but everyone who knows Lily would agree she is NOT a polo pony!!!! Yet I distinctly remember arguing with Wills and his father Charles that Lily would be my first string polo pony. They kept trying to tell me she was too big and too heavy and wouldn’t be suitable and I kept insisting that she would be fine.
Lily visiting with me and her mom last fall; Lily is definitely not built for polo!
Like I said, Lily was a wonderful jumper but in addition to having the wrong build she would definitely have the wrong personality for polo. The one thing she hated at horse shows was the warm-up arena with all of the other horses going all over the place. I’m trying and failing while I am wide awake to visualize Lily being happy on a polo field in the middle of a bunch of swinging mallets and galloping horses. Yet I held my ground with the Royals, insisting that Lily would make a fine polo pony. I have no doubt that any member of Lily’s family who happens to be reading this is laughing hysterically at the thought of Lily and I playing polo.
Unfortunately I don’t remember the rest of the dream so I can’t tell you if Lily and I ever made it to a polo match.
I have no idea what a dream interpreter would make of all of that!
In other news B-Rad left a week ago with the hope being that he will return to his jumper career after a couple of years of R&R. Good luck to B-Rad, maybe we will be seeing his name in lights again in the near future. We also have a new face on the farm, a big grey gelding named Lighty. Lighty and Renny have the same owner and are “brothers” so we’re happy to have another family member join us on the farm!

I put this picture on Facebook, this was our morning view today. Fonzi and Winston passed out after a long night of partying. Chimano and Silver managed to remain upright.
Thor, Lucky and O’Reilly

Silky and MyLight




Norman, Cinnamon, MyLight and Maisie

Lighty – new face on the farm

Lighty sniffing noses with his “brother” Renny while Sam waited for his turn to say hello