Please enjoy some photos of happy, healthy horses. For some reason, both Melissa and I are feeling brain dead in terms of writing something intelligent and appropriate on this Sunday night. It really bothers us when we lose a horse, and this past couple of weeks has been particularly tough in that we lost Spike AND Billy the goat.

We’ll be back with more farm happenings later this week !


Sam was hoping I had a treat

B-Rad, Alex and Darby

MyLight enjoying a good roll with Cuffie watching

Silky was rolling nearby with Missy watching

Wiz, Dutch and Murphy

Cuffie and Lily

Grand and Homer hanging out in the shed

Grand looked so handsome I had to zoom in on him

Clayton found a nice view over Stormy

Faune and Winston grazing with Chimano napping nearby

Romeo, Fonzi, Gus and Chimano

George, Silver and Asterik