Tony and Baby

Convey and Trigger having some play time before breakfast

 Baner leading the chestnuts across the pasture; Baner, Hesse, Walden, Remmy

Cino and Havana
Levendi and Moe

Happy and Lighty

Renatta and Norman


Hemi and Baby


Rubrico and River

Oskar and Johnny
Hemi and Cisco
pre-clip bath for Rip

Rip had plenty of faded winter hair to be clipped off

the first few strokes on Rip

Rip looked so much better after being clipped; he was pretty over the spa treatment though and didn’t want to pose for another picture.

Rubrico having a pre-clip bath

Rubrico also had a lot of faded winter that needed to be clipped off

Rubrico in progress

Ripley checking out Rubrico and saying “you look different!”