Toledo and Donneur playingimg_2411



Roho, Toledo and Riverimg_2419

Blu and Johnny playingimg_2370


the daily afternoon charge to come eat; Walden always leads the pack and here he is followed by Fabrizzio (who is claiming his space in the lin-up, Baner, Hesse, Bruno and Remmy. Havana also makes an appearance in the next pictureimg_2384


Romeo and Lotusimg_2391

Baby and Apolloimg_1661

King, Trigger and Ciscoimg_1669

Timbit annoying Sabrina while she eatsimg_2481

the blankets all came out for the first time yesterday; Dawn with Dolly in the backgroundimg_2579

Renatta and Charlotteimg_2587


Sam, Lighty and Mick . . . img_2631

. . . a closer look at Sam and Lighty . . . img_2633

. . . and a closer look at Mickimg_2634