Thomas, Hemi and Apolloimg_0066-800x600

Homer and Conveyimg_0072-800x600

Dawn and Travellerimg_0090-800x600

Norman and Cuffieimg_0094-800x600

Sabrina and Sparkyimg_0095-800x600

Calimba, Renatta and Lily heading in for breakfastimg_0111-800x600

Dolly and Cuffie running for breakfastimg_0116-800x600



Lily and Maisieimg_0136-800x600

Havana, Walden and Fabrizzioimg_0147-800x600

Baner, Hesse and Havanaimg_0153-800x600


Lofty, Donneur and Gibsonimg_0160-800x600

Digby, B-Rad, Blu and Nemo . . .img_0170-800x600

. . . a closer look at Digby and B-Rad . . . img_0164-800x600

. . . a closer look at Blu and Nemo . . . img_0167-800x600

. . . an even closer look at Nemoimg_0168-800x600

Trigger and Revy being sillyimg_0190-800x600


Sam and Lightyimg_0198-800x600

Cocomo, Lofty, Romeo and Lotus staring hard at something only they could seeimg_0203-800x600