Blu grazing on a foggy morningimg_1270-800x600

Nemo eating grass while Lighty opted for the tree insteadimg_1286-600x800

a closer look at Lighty eating leavesimg_1288-800x600

Gus and Asterikimg_1293-800x600

Chance and Conveyimg_1339-800x600

Trigger and Babyimg_1376-800x596

Lotus and Romeoimg_1409-800x600

two new faces, Sushi and Squirrel . . . img_1656-800x600

. . . a closer look at the new faces of Sushi and Squirrelimg_1658-600x800

Mick, Paramount, Sam, Light, Johnny, Sebastian, Taco and Miel emerging from a private meeting in the woods . . .img_1663-800x607

. . . Mick, Paramount, Sam, Lighty, Happy, Johnny, Taco, Sebastian, Miel and Nemoimg_1664-800x600

Paramount enjoying a dusty roll . . .img_1690-800x600

. . . followed by a good shakeimg_1691-800x600

new face Magic grooming with Wilsonimg_1743-800x600

Ripley, Wilson, Johnny and Gusimg_3418-800x600

Digby and Blu waiting to be fedimg_3445-800x600

Johnny and Happyimg_3454-800x600