We had five inches of rain on Friday and many of the horses used that as an excuse to be wild; Squirrel standing up, Ripley and Rubrico playing behind himimg_3749-800x600

Squirrel and Sushiimg_3750-800x600

Squirrel with all four hooves off the groundimg_3768-800x581

Wilson rearing while playing with Ripleyimg_3748-800x600

Thomas and Hemiimg_2840-800x600

Gibson and Georgeimg_3096-800x600

Homer, Elfin, Grand and Ripimg_3303-800x600

Cinnamon and Dawnimg_3369-800x600

Mick and Mielimg_3658-800x600

Homer and Apolloimg_3660-800x600

Kingimg_3705-800x600 King and Ciscoimg_3862-800x600

Happy and Paramountimg_4018-600x800

Blu and Digbyimg_4073-800x600

Revy, Homer and Moeimg_4505-800x600

Convey and Chanceimg_4796-800x600

Cocomo, Silver and Gus waiting for breakfastimg_4828-800x600

Faune and Gusimg_5072-800x600


pretty sunsetimg_5869-800x600

the creek is full after the rainjuly-creek-800x600