Sparky, Sabrina and Timbitimg_4156-800x600

Gus and Asterik groomingimg_4540-800x600

Taco and Nemoimg_4604-800x600

Trigger and Homerimg_4978-800x600

King says why eat the grass when there are leaves availableimg_4991-800x600

Thomas enjoying a good roll and belly scratch (Cisco in the background)img_4802-800x600


Apollo was also eating leaves; when you are 18+ hands tall you can reach the goodies that no one else can reachimg_5712-600x800

King and Trigger being silly after breakfastimg_6026-800x600

Apollo, Levendi and Hemiimg_6078-800x600

Chance dozing after breakfast . . .img_6104-800x600

. . . note the closed eyes and drooping lipimg_6105-800x600

grazing under a pretty morning sky; L-R Silver, Faune, Donneur, Loftyimg_6145-800x600

Cocomo and Flyer entertaining themselves while waiting to be fedimg_6156-800x600


Gus and Rohoimg_6207-800x600

Gibson and Donneurimg_6232-800x600

Cuffie and Traveller making classic pony faces at each otherimg_6239-800x600

Dolly and Dawn groomingimg_6244-800x600

MyLight and Calimba groomingimg_6248-800x600