Digby and Paramountimg_4128-800x600

Elfin and Revyimg_3600-800x600

Levendi and Moeimg_3663-800x580

B-Rad and Bluimg_5638-800x600

Homer, Moe and Cisco all asking with varying degrees of politeness, “when are you going to feed me?”img_5810-800x600

a typical post-meal scene of horses hanging out; Bruno and Merlin dozing in the sun while Taylor found a comfortable resting place on Alfie’s back . . . img_5882-800x600

. . . a closer look at Taylor and Alfieimg_5881-800x600

. . . and to the right  of the hang out crowd Havana was being groomed by both Fabrizzio and Waldenimg_5883-800x600

Merlin wondering why Ewen was on top of the compost pileimg_5892-800x600

Johnny and Happyimg_6169-800x600

Lily and Cinnamonimg_6523-800x600

Sparky and Sabrina grazing in the morning fogimg_6666-800x600

Faune and Flyerimg_6684-800x600

Convey, Chance and Triggerimg_6706-800x600

Gus and George grazing under a pretty sunriseimg_6760-800x600