Taylor and Alfie were taking turns being silly with Havanaimg_5065-800x600


We hear from a lot of people that their horses will be terrified of our pet cows. The horses always completely ignore the pet cows; Lily eating and oblivious to Apple’s presenceimg_7053-800x600

Calimba grazing two feet away from one of the pet cowsimg_7275-800x600

Cinnamon and Dawnimg_3593-800x600

Squirrel, Sushi and Ripleyimg_3735-800x600

Lotus and Romeoimg_6367-800x600

Dolly and Renattaimg_6439-800x600

Gus, Cocomo and Silver . . . img_6479-800x548

. . . a closer look at Cocomo and Silverimg_6483-800x600

for some reason Mick thought I looked scary taking pictures and he needed to take a closer lookimg_6488-800x600


Lighty and Mielimg_6495-800x600

Happy and Digby

Convey, Chance and Revyimg_6941-800x600

MyLight, Dawn and Traveller doing some early morning grazingimg_6993-800x600

Sebastian and Blu grazing in grass up to their kneesimg_7004-800x600

Hemi, Apollo and Thomasimg_7100-800x600

Toledo and Rockyimg_7145-800x600

Miss Lyle was ready to start her day; Mina behind her wasn’t quite readyimg_7273-800x600