Convey and Chanceimg_4562-800x600

Gibson and Cocomoimg_5668-800x600

B-Rad and Nemo grooming, Taco and Blu grazing . . . img_5683-800x600

. . . a closer look at B-Rad and Nemoimg_5670-800x600

Lighty and Johnny ignored the flock of wild turkeys hanging out with themimg_5673-800x600

Dawn, Cinnamon, Renatta and Dollyimg_5704-800x600


Walon and Wilsonimg_5921-800x600

Thomas and Hemiimg_6002-800x600

Moe and Levendiimg_6061-800x600

Johnny, Rocky and Toledoimg_6332-800x600

Walden and Fabrizzioimg_6387-800x600

Sabrina and Sparkyimg_6506-800x600

Traveller and Normanimg_6522-800x600

Dawn and Dolly groomingimg_6767-800x600

Cino and Merlin groomingimg_6788-800x600

why eat the grass when you can eat leaves; Asterik, Cocomo and Georgeimg_6803-800x600

Duesy and Brunoimg_6827-800x600