Traveller and Cuffie waiting for breakfast . . . img_7781-800x600

. . . a closer look at Cuffieimg_7776-800x600

Thomas, Apollo and Hemiimg_6250-800x600

Convey and King galloping through the pasture . . . img_7450-800x600

. . . followed by Chanceimg_7451-800x600

Toledo, Johnny and Gusimg_3277-800x600

Dawn and Cinnamonimg_3366-800x600

Lily and Maisie groomingimg_3835-800x600




the grey horse club having a meeting at the water trough; George, Gus, Asterik and Cocomoimg_5658-800x600

Baner and Remmyimg_5816-800x600

Magic napping with Ripley standing byimg_7851-800x600

L-R Toledo, Rocky, Gus, Sushi, Roho . . .img_7855-800x600

. . . a closer look at Toledo and Rocky . . . img_7857-800x600

. . . a closer look at Gus, Sushi and Rohoimg_7859-800x600

Digby, Blu and B-Radimg_7933-800x600