pretty sunrise

Timbit is at it again, letting himself into the pasture with the new horse. Timbit, Nemo (new resident) and Sebastian all following Timbit’s lead and running around the paddock. Of course Timbit left after he had Nemo and Sebastian all worked up.
Lighty pulling on Africa’s tail and saying “play with me!”

Trigger, Baby and Ritchie
the pet cows; Apple in the front
A better view of Apple’s face; she has the perfect mac symbol on her forehead and we call her our iCow.
Gibson and Gus

A group run; Romeo, Lotus, George, Cocomo, Donneur and Asterik . . . 
. . . followed by Gus and Faune
Calimba and Maisie having a wet grooming session
Cinnamon, Cuffie, Dolly and Calimba
Lotus and Lofty