B-Rad, Sebastian, Murphy, Mick, Sam and Lighty were having a lazy day . . . 
. . . a closer look at Sam and Lighty . . . 
. . . a closer look at B-Rad, Sebastian, Murphy and Mick . . . 
. . . and a closer look at Murphy and Mick
Timbit and Griselle
Donneur and Gibson
Asterik and Lofty
Rocky and Toledo
Everybody wants Maisie to groom them. She was sandwiched between Calimba and Lily, both were grooming Maisie and she alternated grooming them. You can see some of Lily’s white hair in her mouth while she’s grooming Calimba.
Rubrico, Johnny and Walon
Donovan, River and Johnny
Gus, Cocomo and Asterik
George, Flyer and Donneur