I am putting out a call for some technical help. I want to back up this blog. Google/Blogger can be quirky and unreliable sometimes and I hate the thought of one day realizing I’ve lost all of my 450+ posts. Backing it up to my own computer is not a viable option simply because with all of the picture and video files it is way too big. I back up the hard drives on our PCs using Carbonite. I contacted Carbonite and they do not provide services for backing up on-line content. I’ve found a couple of sources doing internet searches that will back up blogger content for free. I’m not interested in that route simply because you have to agree to give the service the right to use the contents of your blog in their terms of service.

If anyone can suggest options that will back up on-line content, including the thousands of pictures and videos on this blog, I would really appreciate it. I am happy to pay for this service.

Tech people help me. I know this is probably easy to find but being a technically challenged person I have not found the solution I am looking for. Plus I really don’t have a lot of time to surf the net and try to solve this problem myself. I know all of you are far more versed in things like this than I am so I am putting out my plea for help.


Thomas and Baby

Homer and Trigger

Elfin and Grand

Rampal suffering through a bath (he made it clear he was suffering)

Asterik relaxing in the shade while George and Silver hang out nearby


Faune; that’s Winston on the left


Johnny and Toledo having some fun


Lily, Cuffie, Maisie, Missy and MyLight