I admit, I was anxious about sending our horse, Convey the Moment, to Paradigm Farm. After all, they weren’t close by and I didn’t know them personally. I was proceeding on a recommendation from someone at the barn where he was. Well, well, I certainly had NOTHING to worry about. Melissa and Jason go above and beyond what I could ever imagine. When Convey arrived, Melissa not only let me know that he got there, but how he was doing, how he was behaving and sent pictures!! She also gave me detailed updates and pictures every couple of days. As he settled in, the updates came a couple of times a week, then maybe once a week to every several weeks. And after he had been there a number of months, another update. That is also in conjunction with the weekly pictures she sends on Facebook of all the horses and the blog that is written about what is going on at the farm and full of rich detail about life there and of the horses. There is another thing……she writes the most beautiful memorials of horses who have passed on. I don’t even know these horses and they make me cry. Melissa and Jason really know each and every horse, their personalities, likes and dislikes. I don’t feel like our horse is just one of the bunch. They are attentive, caring experts. They are also user friendly. I feel I could contact them with any question. I cannot, CANNOT imagine a better place for a horse. I will be always grateful for the recommendation to send Convey to them. I would not only recommend Paradigm Farm but ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend them.