I just finished reading the book “Three Cups of Tea.” It was such a powerfully moving book about one man’s extraordinary accomplishments I felt compelled to write a bit about it. Of course I am late to the party reading this book as it was originally published in 2006 and has been a number one best seller since then. I tend to get behind on my reading!

Anyway, reading this book about made me reflect on my contributions to society and the world in general. Quite frankly it made me think about the fact that my contributions in those regards are minimal at best. It isn’t the first time I’ve realized this but it has been awhile since I was reminded of it. I lead a rather self centered life caring for amazing horses and being blessed to live on such a beautiful farm. I essentially contribute nothing towards improving the lives of others and leaving the world in a better state in which I entered it. Sure I give to charities and especially to some horse rescues, but I don’t exactly devote my life to pursuing the greater good.

In Three Cups of Tea I read about how one very ordinary guy, a mountain climber named Greg Mortenson, is doing more to change the world and improve the lives of people than one would have ever thought possible. To save myself some typing I’ve copied and pasted the below information from the website Ivan
Chili in the shed; I had to take a picture of the shed in use!

Snappy, Slinky and Lucky in the foreground with Asterik and Sebastian in the background

Trillion and Winston

Missy and Buffy were grazing while Harmony and MyLight were napping

My presence disturbed the nappers so they got up


Homer, Leo and Elfin right next to each other, and then Tony

My view as I was walking down the hill one morning; Cuffie, Lily, Missy, Buffy, MyLight and Harmony