When it comes to spending money on broken equipment Jason and I have been setting the world on fire over the last couple of weeks. One of our tractors was picked up last week to have some work done on the hydraulics. We had known for awhile that it was going to need to go in for repairs so that wasn’t really a surprise. 
Today Jason went to use our little push lawn mower that we use to mow in/around the ditch at the road. The engine seized on it so we now have a new push lawn mower. Thankfully our zero turn Kubota diesel lawnmower that mows our six acres of lawn areas around the farm appears to be happy and healthy. 
Jason had just finished assembling our new push mower and then loaded it into the back of the truck to go mow the ditch. When he stepped on the clutch in our truck the clutch had no tension in it at all and just fell to the floor. At that moment any hope of Jason handling our continuing streak of broken equipment ended. Using an ongoing string of daddy words, Jason proceeded to throw his back out crawling in, around and under the truck. Thankfully he found the very minor problem. I have to say we are not huge fans of our Duramax diesel truck, it likes to nickel and dime us to death.
Since things supposedly break in threes, or maybe it is bad things happen in threes, or whatever it is that happens in threes, we’ve hit the number three. Hopefully we’re all set for broken things for awhile.
See you again soon tractor after you’ve run up a big bill at the tractor doctor (Carter’s words for a mechanic)
Norman and Cuffie
Flyer and Faune
Gus, Cocomo and Asterik
Remmy and Merlin

Cino and Baner
Nemo, B-Rad and Blu

Sam and Sebastian
Oskar and Johnny
Thomas and Levendi
Homer having a spa day 

Moe also had a spa day; he thought the best part was going back to his pasture