I was driving along in the truck the other day, waving back at the other truck drivers I passed on the road who were waving at me. Sometimes I have deep thoughts while I’m driving. My deep thought the other day was a one I have pondered before but never really answered. Why is it when I am driving a truck people in other trucks always wave as we pass each other on the road? Is it assumed that all people who drive trucks are some kind of kindred spirits and were we to find ourselves standing in line at the convenience store together we would immediately start chatting?

When I had my recruiting company and was hating corporate life I went through the same phase that many people do, trying to buy toys to make myself forget about how much I disliked my job (I disliked my own company – that was successful!). Every year I would get myself a fancy new car, each one nicer than the one before. I was still unhappy despite whatever vehicle I was driving but I guess I was testing out the definition of insanity. You know, the one that says insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.

Getting back to my point, I can state with authority that, for example, BMW drivers do not wave at other BMW drivers. The same goes for Infiniti drivers and Mercedes drivers, they do NOT wave at each other as they pass on the road, or maybe I should say they didn’t wave at me. So why do people driving trucks wave at other people driving trucks? Anyone know the answer?

I took this picture just because I love our new farm and I enjoy looking at it in pictures.

Lucky and O’Reilly hanging out

MyLight and Silky

Romeo and Gus


Winston and Faune



Clayton and Stormy


Cuff Links and MyLight