As seems to be my theme in the last few weeks this will be a quick post as I am again short on time! First I want to thank Luanne for the blog award – it is always nice to know that someone aside from myself and Jason finds this blog of interest. Part of paying it forward isn’t just passing the award along to other blogs but also listing ten things about yourself that others don’t know about you. Luanne’s were very interesting as were the ones that Kate wrote on her blog. You are both really interesting people! I’m kind of a boring person really but in one of my next posts I’ll try to come up with ten things about myself that aren’t common knowledge. Hmmmm, this could be tough . . .

It has been an excellent week so far with some great things to blog about. I just need to sit my butt down at my desk long enough to write a half decent blog post. That seems to be a tall order for me these days. Is anybody still bothering to read this lately?? I think that is one of those don’t ask the question if you don’t want to know the answer type deals (my finger is hovering over the backspace button).

On to some pictures:

Winston and Ogie


O’Reilly and Bridget grazing with the chickens

O’Reilly decided to check out the Don

Winston, Faune and Sebastian grazing under the trees


Clay with Slinky in the background

Lucky and Chili