It was a pretty quiet weekend around here. Friday was a busy day as our I think Bear looks like some kind of crazy bat-like animal in this picture
Jason always seems to find a hard way to do things; here he is putting up our Christmas tree. We broke down and bought a fake tree last year. I was tired of the cat puking up pine needles every year.

Snappy grazing; I need to write a post about him sometime as he has travelled the world and been quite the competitor in his day

Something had Baby’s attention but since this picture is from November I can’t remember what it was!

Lucky, Chili, Baby and Snappy Clay, Chili and Snappy


In the front we have Leo and Ivan; in the back Tony says “Dear God I have been sent to the Twilight Zone, what IS this thing??”

Lucky rolling

Harmony, Teddy and Buffy