We had some rain last night and early this morning. As we all know, rain combined with a little bit of wind is always the perfect recipe for horseplay. Some of the Big Boys were especially playful this morning.  It was early enough that there still wasn’t quite enough light to get reasonable pictures, and even the videos are a bit grainy at times, but I fave it my best shot. Enjoy watching the playful retirees.
some stills from the above videos; Hemi and Trigger

Levendi and Trigger

Oskar, Clayton and Rocky napping; Toledo standing (Roho and River are standing behind him)

L-R Apollo, Rip, Grand, Homer, Levendi, Moe
Donovan and Rubrico
the pet cows
a closer look at apple the iCow with the perfect symbol on her forehead
Duesy leading the way followed by Remmy, Hesse and Cino
Mick and Lighty

Apollo and Chance