We’ve had a busy week so far this week. Gwen, the amazing farrier, was here Monday and will be back again tomorrow. We have an extra day scheduled this week to make up for the day we missed when Jason and I were away. I was sitting in the house in an almost comatose state Monday evening wondering why I was so tired. Then I remembered that I had hauled horses to the barn and then back to the fields from all over 140 acres throughout the day to have their feet trimmed. In addition Amy and I bathed and did manes on nine horses on Monday. And of course that was on top of the usual feeding everyone morning and evening, stall cleaning, water troughs, etc. No wonder I was so tired!


Jason replaced our flags last week. Of course we fly both the U.S. and the Canadian flag.

Homer went for a swim in the pond and then he rolled. The effect is just . . . lovely. If you will recall Ivan is WHITE!!

Leo checking Ivan out with his new look
This picture of Trillion was too cute and had to be posted.

Faune and Trillion were buddied up to each other. They are great friends now but they used to be Buffy napping with MyLight grazing next to her

Trigger and Chance; they have 40 acres of beautiful grass in their pasture and they stand here picking at the scrub around the gate.