I’m not sure if I even want to know what our goats think of these days. To say that we have had some interesting interactions with them would be an understatement. More accurately I should say that Jason has had some interesting interactions with the goats. 
In the last several weeks we have more rain than I ever remember us having in the months of July and August. Some days we only had a couple of light rain showers. Other days we had rain showers that would best be described as periods of torrential, heavy rain. It was strange when we had am off day where it did not rain at all. To say that is not a normal weather pattern in the south in the summer is putting it mildly. 
Jason playing with Jo on the teeter totter
Mina peeking around the barn door
Last week we were having one of the days with heavy downpours.  When Jason and I pulled up to the barn I mentioned that neither of us had visited the fainting goats that day, nor had we let them out of their paddock for their daily wander around the farm.  Neither of us was thrilled with the idea of venturing out into the pouring rain to check on the goats. Just as I thought we were going to have to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who would have to go get drenched Jason volunteered. 
He then proceeded to remove his shirt, and naked from the waist up ran out to the goat paddock to check on the goats. When he came back I asked him what Lyle thought about him standing there shirtless in the rain, looking at her. He said he didn’t know exactly what she thought, but was he was sure it was something along the lines of how stupid he was. 
Lyle getting some air time
Lyle standing on one of the goat houses
Last night Jason provided the fainters with even more fodder for discussion. We were just getting ready to go to bed when Jason suddenly sprinted to the front door and yanked it open. Of course I asked what was wrong in an alarmed voice. Jason announced he heard something suspicious around the goat paddock. A minute later he bolted out of the house looking like quite a spectacle wearing boxer shorts, a t-shirt, and boots without socks while holding a rifle in one hand and a flashlight in the other.  As he ran toward the goat paddock he was screaming something that sounded like “HEY” in a really loud voice. I’ll be honest, I did not ever ask what it was he was screaming.  In this getup Jason proceeded to go on  patrol all around the goat paddock.  The World’s Cutest Fainting Goats watched as Jason patrolled their paddock in his boxers while toting his rifle. 
After Jason returned to the house I asked him what the goats must think of him now. He told me that they must surely think he had progressed from being stupid to being stupid and crazy.  What do you think?
Johnny and Murphy
Africa and Sam
Maisie and Silky
MyLight and Cinnamon
Elfin and Grand
Gus and Faune
Calimba, Cinnamon and Lily