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Retirement living for your horse unlike any other

We know how hard it can be to decide to retire your horse

and at Paradigm Farms, we take the responsibility for your horse’s care seriously. With more than 37 years of combined experience, we understand the gentle transition necessary for your horse to have the healthy, happy retirement he deserves. 

Retiring horses the right way allows them to enjoy the 3 F’s!




Most actively working domestic horses must learn to fully enjoy those 3. 

Horses are highly social. However, few horses have had an opportunity to live the kind of life offered here during their career. Most horses that have been in traditionally managed facilities haven’t had the opportunity to interact with other horses and don’t necessarily know how to “speak horse.”

While that may sound strange, it makes placing your horse in the right herd integral to his acceptance. The transition process at Paradigm Farms enables us to get to know your horse and help them to form lasting friendships with other horses. Our residents live in stable family groups that allow them to form tight, long lasting bonds with the horses within their family group. 

The emotional and physical needs of horses are intertwined and one can have consequences on the other. In addition to friends, horses require forage/grazing and freedom. Your horse, most likely, has not had 24 hours/day access to grass, nor wide open space to live in. Your horse’s transition period also includes acclimating  them to increased movement as they enjoy their 24/7 freedom, as well as acclimating them to continual access to grass and forage. Many of our residents have PPID/Cushing’s, and we are well versed in managing these horses through a transition to pasture life.  

Read more about how we meet the needs of retired horses with specialized care. 

Returning a horse to its “natural origins” is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Done the wrong way, it can actually be a stressful time for the horse and for his owner too. 

From the day they arrive at Paradigm Farms, our residents receive compassionate care from people who specialize in the management of retired horses. We will help your horse make a safe transition to a joyful, stress-free retirement.


Learn why horse owners across North America choose our farm when it is time to retire their special horse

We have horses retired at our farm from across North America including California, Canada, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Washington, Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina, and Massachusettes. Why do so many people trust us to care for their horses even when they live so far away? Because we have transitioned many show horses to retirement, offer a temperate climate, carefully monitor our pastures to allow for excellent grazing almost year-round, offer both stall and pasture board, and allow the horses to develop bonds with other horses in small groups as nature intended. Your horse will not be leaving behind his creature comforts either as we blanket and groom all the horses in addition to feeding 2x/day. We also send regular picture and video updates to the owners so they can see their horse routinely and have regular glimpses into their daily lives. As an owner, why would you want to retire your horse with us? As horse owners ourselves we know all the factors that must be considered when it comes to where your horse will spend his retirement days. We all want our horses to be well cared for and know that their future is secure, but we also want to know that we can afford to provide this for them. We might need to be absentee owners as well, due to work/ family commitments or because our “horse time” is going to be spent with a new horse. We want to make sure our horses are still receiving tender, loving care even if we are not the ones providing it for them. Paradigm Farms is here to provide you with an economical, guilt-free solution to your search for a horse retirement farm.

Get to know us

Please browse our website to explore our retired horse program at Paradigm Farms. We’ve answered many questions throughout the site, however, we’re happy to have an in-depth discussion about your special horse’s needs and your unique situation. We hope your horse is lucky enough to join us at our horse retirement farm in beautiful Tennessee! 

—Jason & Melissa Webb

equine retirement farm 91.JPG

Learn how our custom approach to horse retirement care is one-of-a-kind.

We have customized our approach to fit the unique needs of a horse retirement farm. As our ideas for an equine retirement farm began to take shape we kept our focus on developing an approach that took the time and worries off of the owners and put the daily emphasis on caring for the horses instead of just throwing them out in a field. We offer all of the services you would expect from an outstanding boarding facility including quality free-choice hay, well-maintained facilities, and strong professional relationships with veterinarians and farriers to assist us in caring for your horse. Our carefully designed feeding program was developed around soil and forage tests and is regularly monitored. With our equine retirement farm, we specialize in the care of retired horses. This means your horse is the focus of our business, not a sideline to a boarding/training facility. You will not have to wonder if your horse is being used in any type of lesson program without your knowledge or permission because retired horses are our only boarders. We do not have a lesson or training program on the horse retirement farm. Our pricing plan was carefully planned and thought out to allow us to make a long-term commitment to caring for your horse and at the same time provide comprehensive, quality care. The price of our boarding package includes blanket changes, hoof trimming approximately eight times per year, annual vaccinations, and bimonthly deworming. No more opening the board bill and wondering how many “extras” will be there each month. We also take care of scheduling all vet/ farrier appointments and holding the horses for the vet/ farrier. All of our horses are assessed for their nutritional needs by an animal nutritionist. The type and amount of grain fed is based on each horse’s nutritional needs. Our horses live in closed herds. Because we have only retired horses for boarders we do not have different horses continually coming and going from the farm. This means far less exposure to potential illness than at a traditional boarding facility. New horses are gradually introduced into their herds after we get to know them. Combined, we have 37 years of experience and have the knowledge and professional contacts to properly recognize and address various horse health issues.

As Seen In...


Paradigm Farm’s Equine Retirement Facility and unique philosophies regarding the ultimate care and nutrition for senior horses have been featured in these and many other publications. We have thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity to talk about our horse retirement farm and to brag about all the horses!

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“From the day my horse arrived at Paradigm, I never once second guessed my decision to retire him there.”

— Michelle


“The care they provide and most importantly the safe environment AND PEACE OF MIND they give to me is priceless.”

— Anna

Farm Tour

Join us for a photographic tour of our equine retirement farm. This interactive gallery contains more than 250 images. You can also enjoy the seasonal pictures of the farm in the winter without leaves blocking your view, as well as the beautiful grassy pastures of the spring and summer. As you’ll see we have a very long driveway and most of the farm can’t be seen from the road. We encourage you to visit our blog often and join us in our daily life on our equine retirement farm.

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