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Complete Care in a Stress-free Environment creates Happy Horses and Happy Owners.

The decision to retire your horse just got easier.

Paradigm Farm embodies the retirement you’ve envisioned for your horse – lush pastures, rolling hills, and a herd of best buddies to share it with.

With more than 37 years of horse-care experience, we take our responsibility to you and your retired horses seriously. We see it as providing complete care services rather than just providing board – from customized grain, extensive turnout, and exceptional medical care to grooming, bathing, and horse handling with kindness and compassion. 

This is not a side business for us, nor are we filling an empty pasture in a facility that mainly caters to horses in training. We spend our days caring for the retired horses that reside with us on our farm. We take their care very seriously and through the years have earned a reputation as one of the most widely known and respected horse retirement farms in North America.


Horses were not meant to spend 23 hours a day in stalls. In the wild, horses roam free, and bond together with their herd… that is what they do here too! Even our horses who are stall boarded are still provided with ample turnout in compatible groups. This type of care creates a stress-free environment that more closely mimics their natural surroundings.

Many of the retirees here did not enjoy turnout in their “former” lives. They would pace or run the fence begging to be taken back to their stalls. Thanks to our large, well-maintained pastures and our ability to choose between several turnout groups, all of the horses that retired with us learn to love turnout. We have a lot of experience in transitioning horses not only to turnout but transitioning them to turnout with other horses. 


Interestingly, the horses that used to hate turnout the most end up becoming the horses that dislike being in the barn the most – much to their owners’ surprise!

equine retirement farm 75.JPG
equine retirement farm 19.JPG

Horses are grazing animals and were meant to live primarily on forage. Here in middle Tennessee, we are blessed with a mild climate, fertile soils, and abundant rainfall that ensures good grass for most of the year. Our horses can comfortably live outdoors all year round with minimal blanketing, and they are supplemented with high-quality free-choice hay during the winter.

To complement our pastures and hay, we feed the horses with high-quality feed designed by Jason and custom milled for our farm. With high levels of energy from fat and low levels from rapidly digestible starch, readily available minerals, and high-quality all plant-protein ingredients, it is specially designed to meet the energy, mineral, and protein needs of our retired equine friends.

We believe that to be the best at what you do you must surround yourself with excellence. We maintain a close working relationship with Tennessee Equine Hospital and two outstanding farriers. We also have working relationships with nutrition and research professionals at the University of Kentucky, the University of Tennessee, and Middle Tennessee State University.


If we don’t know the answer to your question, rest assured we will find out.


Like your own retired horse, our residents have stories to tell. Some of the residents are young, some are elderly, and they all have wonderful stories. We love learning about their lives and sharing their past accomplishments with you. To learn more about the residents shown below click on their picture and go to the blog to read their stories. We update our blog at least twice each week, so check back often!


“From the day my horse arrived at Paradigm, I never once second guessed my decision to retire him there.”

— Michelle


“Ten years ago my wonderful gelding, Apollo, was stricken with EPM. After treatment and rehab, he relapsed and I made …”

— Vivian

“Your horse could not live out his/her last years with better care or under better living circumstances. The love and …”

— Sana

horse retirement 26.JPG

“I struggled with the decision to retire my beloved competition mare. Who would care for her the way I did? …”

— Sandy

horse retirement 32.JPG
retired horses 17.JPG

“When I realized it was time to retire the younger of my two horses for health reasons, there was only …”


equine retirement farm 51.JPG

“When it came time to retire our first horse, Alex, we were fortunate enough to come across Paradigm Farms through …”

— Donna

As Seen In...

Paradigm Farm’s Equine Retirement Facility and unique philosophies regarding the ultimate care and nutrition for senior horses have been featured in these and many other publications. We have thoroughly enjoyed each and every opportunity to talk about our horse retirement farm and to brag about all the horses!

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