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2nd Cut and Fun with Hay Tarps

We’re in the middle of our second cutting of hay right now. Today was just shy of a sixteen hour day. Yesterday was an “easy” day at twelve hours outside. We’ve got a couple more days to go to finish up the second cutting. I’m forcing myself to not fall asleep into my keyboard right now and it is taking a lot of effort!

Apparently I perfected my

Jason neatly stacking the hay so we can cover it with a tarp

I didn’t get any pictures of Jason scaling the hay with the 125 pound tarp in tow – I think he would have killed me. We were so tired we didn’t even bother tying the tarp down properly and just stacked a couple of bales on the edge of the tarp and agreed we would fool with the ropes tomorrow.

Jo and Mina, World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, butting heads

Stormy standing over a heavily napping Clayton (Toledo in the background)

Gus and Johnny having a grooming session over the fence

Too bad I accidentally cut off this picture because MyLight and Missy looked cute napping next to each other

The greys on the move; Silver, Gus, Asterik and George

Tiny (officially known as Valentine because of the heart on his rump)

Cuff Links

Lily, MyLight and Missy

Silky napping in the shade with a drooping lower lip

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