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“I’m sorry I missed your call but I’m probably out riding Gus right now.” I didn’t get it exactly right but that is the voice mail message that Gus’ owner had on her phone. Every horse wishes they were adored that much! Gus is a Hanoverian gelding who found his way into a family of horse lovers a few years ago. Gus had been showing in the adult amateur hunters with a gentleman who was 6’4″, and I thought his current owners summed it up perfectly when they said Gus was probably psyched when he realized he was now owned and loved by a 90 pound girl!

Gus was bought as the “first horse after a pony” horse and he did his job extremely well. Gus isn’t a small guy and he has a big stride, so it would have been quite a transition going from a pony to Gus. However Gus is one of the sweetest and most affectionate horses you would ever want to meet, and he took great care of his new rider while she adjusted to riding a horse. I’m told that riding Gus was like sitting on a big couch, and that his canter especially was very comfortable and like riding a big rocking horse.

I love the big smile on his mom’s face

Gus and his mom enjoying some time in the snow together

When they went to try Gus there was a big storm brewing and it was perfect weather for any horse to have an excuse for shenanigans. However Gus never put a foot wrong as they tried him. When they brought him home they thought they had truly found the ultimate horse. Not only was he beautifully trained, he had great gaits, a nice jump and a wonderful personality. In addition to that he is one of those horses that only poops in one place in the stall and keeps everything neat and tidy. Perfection in a horse! However the next day they realized he did have one tiny little flaw, he IS a gray and he does have the gray horse gene that commands them to sleep on a manure pile and roll in any dirt and/or mud available.

Gus and his mom

Gus showing off his nice big manure stain

Gus and his mom showed in the modified junior hunters and were preparing to move up when he sustained an injury. His owners were meticulous with his treatment and rehab but it was easy to re-aggravate the injured area. Instead of pushing him to continue working they made the decision to retire him.


Gus says “you want me to ride around in that??” Just kidding, that is Gus checking things out on his first day with us.

Gus being part of the gang and napping with Chimano

Chimano and Gus being frisky

Gus had a seamless transition into the retired life. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Gus the last few months, and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about him!


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