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We were lied to today. Not just a little lie but a big, fat lie. Every weather forecast I looked at told me it was going to be 49 degrees today, that the wind would start out light in the morning and increase gradually throughout the day, and that it would be partly cloudy. Today we had another day with the dentist. Since we knew we were going to be outside all day today with no breaks at all Jason and I obsessively checked multiple weather forecasts all day long on Monday and Monday evening. When you know you probably won’t even have a potty break from about 5:30am until sometime in the late afternoon you want to make sure you get your clothing strategy correct.

Since I am far from a weather expert I would really like someone to explain to me how it is even remotely possible for it to snow when it supposedly 49 degrees.

Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller??

All I know is that is exactly what happened today. It was fairly pleasant at 5:30am as I was feeding this morning. Somehow as the morning progressed the temperature seemed to be going down instead of up. I started the day with only one pair of long underwear on under my jeans, turtleneck and sweater. This was a mistake. This was definitely, at least for me, a twofer day for long underwear. However since every weather forecaster in middle Tennessee lied to me I was one layer short of where Melissa needs to be to be comfortable. To put it in perspective Jason wound up with his coveralls on. Enough said.

To be fair to the weather forecasters we did have occasional periods where it was sunny and almost 50 degrees. Apparently they just forgot to mention the cold and snowing periods that would happen throughout the day. It was bizarre really. We would have what felt like gale force winds and heavy snow flurries for awhile, and then almost instantly the sun would come out, the wind would die down, the snow flurries went away, and it was relatively pleasant. And then after a period of this pleasantness Mother Nature would flip the switch and the sky was completely overcast, the wind was roaring, and the snow flurries came back. This schizo weather pattern went on all day.

Largo having his turn with the dentist; sunny

Stormy; the weather was changing from sunny to overcast and snowy

It was grey and cloudy and spitting snow flurries for Donovan’s turn with the dentist

sunny for Kennedy

It was grey, overcast and spitting snow while Johnny had his teeth floated.

To say that Jason, the dentist and I spent quite a bit of time complaining whining discussing the weather would be an understatement. We soldiered on and tried to enjoy the sunny and pleasant times when they came. Finally we were done with the dentist, done with afternoon chores and done for the day. I was so happy when I finally got to stand in a warm blistering hot shower and warm up. Then I had that moment when you realize the person who took a shower before you (ahem, Jason) used up all the soap and didn’t bother putting a new bar of soap in. So then I was faced with turning off my precious hot water, getting out of the shower, finding another bar of soap, and then starting all over again. I just couldn’t stand the thought of getting out of my hot shower and instantly being cold again so I skipped the new bar of soap. For anyone who needs to know you can not only do a full body scrub with shampoo, you can even use it to shave. The end.


Leo, Trigger and Moe

Rip trying to decide if he wants to get up or lay back down

MyLight, Calimba and Cinnamon found something very interesting . . .

. . . and then Norman joined them to stare at the interesting thing

Dolly, Lily and Maisie

Tony and Baby

Elfin doing his “dogwalk” so he can roll on the other side

Africa, Murphy and Lighty

Bruno and Lucky having some play time while waiting for breakfast

Ritchie was being goofy, Leo ignored him and grazed

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