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A Visitor in the Pasture

We had an interesting visitor a few days ago. The mares and Cuffie were acting very snorty and spooky during breakfast one morning. Usually this is a time of focused eating. I did not not see anything amiss and thought maybe it was because it was somewhat windy.

Cuffie staring at the strange visitor

I finished up feeding the other horses and noticed things were getting more intense in their pasture while the horses in the other fields were quiet. Usually if it is a weather related frisky all of the horses are participating. Then I finally saw something that looked different. A turtle lumbering through the pasture. It had exited the tall grass and was in the short grass around the gates. I guess the horses had spotted him long before I could see him. He (she?) was very slowly lumbering across the pasture. He was headed in the opposite direction of the pond so I guess he was heading from the pond somewhere else, although I have no idea where.

Harmony looking from a safe distance

She moved in a bit closer

He would stop and lift his head and stare at the horses while they stared at him. After a few minutes of staring he would start slowly making his way through the pasture again. The horses finally lost interest in him and he completed his journey across the pasture. I wonder where he went.

Everyone finally lost interest; Missy and Lily finally lost interest and went back to grazing

Trigger; he is an Appendix Quarter Horse retired from the hunter ring

I could not resist this shot. Dustin on the left and Tony on the right. Dustin is a Westphalian and retired from the jumper ring. Tony is a Dutch Warmblood and was nationally ranked in the Amateur Owner hunters.

Cuff Links and MyLight grazing together. Cuffie is a Welsh pony retired from the hunters and MyLIght is a Thoroughbred retired from dressage.

The pet cows lounging around

Norman; he is also retied from the pony hunters

Sparky the donkey and Traveller; Traveller is yet another retired pony hunter

Clay and Snappy; Clay is a Quarter Horse who started his life as a race horse and ended his career as a trail horse. Snappy is a Polish bred horse who competed through the 4 star level in eventing before switching careers to the hunter ring.

Peaceful grazers; Slinky (another pony hunter) Clay and Snappy

Cuffie and Harmony

B-Rad, Ogie and Winston; B-Rad is a Belgian Warmblood and retired from the jumper ring. Ogie is a Thoroughbred and retired eventer. Winston is also a Thoroughbred and retired hunter.

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